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give leftovers new life

We love a good party as much as the next person. There’s nothing quite like hosting a braai and having enough boerewors in the fridge afterwards to have boerie rolls for the rest of the week, or snacking on cold sosaties when the hunger strikes.

But there’s so much more to leftovers than just slapping them on a bun or eating them just like that. For example:

Sandwich it

Ok, yes, we know, we just said don’t just slap it on a bun, and we’re sticking with it. Don’t JUST slap it on a bun - create a super epic sandwich. Use a nice crusty roll that will hold up to the stuffing, and layer on slices of cold beef, sliced leftover veggies, and even a little drizzle of leftover gravy to make a meal of it.

Top tip: puree some cold roast veggies to create a rich, tasty veggie spread to use instead of butter or mayo.

Sauce it up

We all love a good pasta dish, so why not rejuvenate your leftovers by repurposing them into a pasta sauce? Dice pieces of leftover beef and vegetables and cook them up in a tomato sauce to add to your spaghetti. Alternatively, julienne your meat and veg, give them a quick, light stir fry with some spices, and serve with fragrant Jasmine or Basmati rice.

Top tip: want a creamy sauce but don’t have cream? Use plain yoghurt instead - it’s perfect with beef!

Salad Days

What could possibly be simpler than using some of your leftover meat and vegetables in a lovely, large green salad? It’s simple, easy, doesn’t involve reheating, and it’s fresh and delicious. Use some of your cooked veg, and add it to fresh salad leaves, along with some cucumber and tomato, and top it with chunks or strips of your meat.

Top tip: want to make a meal out of your salad? Cook some pasta until al dente, then rinse in ice cold water until the pasta is no longer warm. Add your cold pasta, along with a dash of olive oil, to your salad.

Meat on a stick

If your leftovers are mostly sosaties, this tip is not for you. If, however, you have a nice range of leftovers, repurpose them into kebabs. Use chunks of meat and veggies to create tasty cold kebabs that you can enjoy on the go, or around the pool.

Top tip: give your kebabs a tasty zing with a freshly made dipping sauce.

Invite the neighbours

The great thing about living in South Africa is that your neighbours probably not only have a tonne of leftovers, but, because we’re so culturally diverse, the chances are they’ll have some unique leftovers. Hold a potluck buffet lunch and invite everyone to bring one dish of leftovers.

Top tip: Provide everyone with buns, pitas and wraps, so that they can create their own hand-held snack for the party.