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A World Full of

beefy Possibilities

Do you ever feel like you’re in a bit of a food rut? Go out for dinner, order the same piece of steak, with the same sides, done exactly the same… Or maybe your weekly dinner menu is starting to get just a little bit repetitive? You’ve thought about getting one of those food subscription boxes, or digging into your old recipe books, but honestly, who has the time?


Folks, it’s time to get yourselves out of that boring routine. Next thing you know, you’re going to be tired of beef, and we simply cannot have that. Beef is not only one of the tastiest forms of protein out there, it’s also incredibly versatile and we’d hate for you to never experience the incredible possibilities it holds.

Try a new twist

Look, we’re not asking you to completely shake things up and try weird dishes from Outer Mongolia… yet. Let’s start with taking a fresh look at old favourites and revamping them to give you a delicious new experience.

Combining familiar ingredients in a different way can revitalise your dinner table. Whether it’s something as simple as serving a cold steak salad, rather than a side salad with your hot steak, or deconstructing and totally rearranging a recipe, sometimes it’s just about presenting something familiar differently.

For example, if you’re a big fan of lasagna, instead of making enormous trays of it, you can make individual lasagnas, cooked inside a bell pepper. All you do is take one or two nice large peppers, cut the top off, and scoop out the insides carefully. Now fill it about one-quarter with your cooked mince, then add a layer of bechamel sauce. Another layer of meat, one final layer of bechamel, and top it with grated cheese. In the oven for 20-30 minutes, and there you go - lasagna in a pepper.

Cross-border yumminess

There’s a reason we refer to dishes from around the globe as being regional or country-specific types of food. Each culture has certain specific combinations of ingredients that are unique, or at least used in a unique way.

That said, cultures are shifting, becoming more intertwined, and the world is becoming a smaller, more mingled place. For years, you’ve been able to get Italian or Chinese food, and here and there maybe a Moroccan or Mexican restaurant. But in the last few years, cuisines from around the world have made it to our shores, opening up incredible vistas of deliciousness for us.

Try looking up recipes for classic dishes from other countries, like proper Hungarian goulash, or Lebanese kibbeh. Or try a recipe for Danish roast beef, which is a wonderful new way of looking at a dish we’ve always associated with the British method of cooking. And if you’re feeling French, get to grips with a rich and hearty Boeuf Bourguignon - you’ll never look at stew the same way again!

Join the social beef movement

We have a lot to thank social media and the internet for when it comes to a more global view on food. Because of this incredible connectedness, we now have access to recipes we would never even have known existed before, unless you were a collector of rare and exotic cookbooks.

Break out of your comfort zone, join the global movement to finding tasty new ways to experience other cultures, and expand your horizons with a good spoonful of creativity and inventive experimentation. Trust us, you’ll be happy you did.