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the grain-fed process

A common misconception of grain-fed beef is that the process is not only unhealthy for the cattle but also cruel, inhumane and only aimed at increasing profits for producers.


The reality is that Beefcor grain-fed cattle are brought up in highly favourable conditions and are taken care of in the best way. Cattle that are raised in stressful environments will produce inferior quality beef, so we do our best to keep our cattle happy and healthy, so our customers are happy and healthy too. So, how does it work?

In the beginning

it's all grass for the first 9 months

Our cattle are bought at about 7 months old and sourced directly from primary producers where they have been brought up on a diet of grass. They will then be placed on our grazing farms for 2 to 3 months, depending on their weight.

Off to the feedlot

for some highly nutritious feed that makes for tasty beef

Only once they reach a sufficient weight are they then sent to the feedlots for 3 – 4 months. At our feedlots, they are fed a highly nutritious and calorific feed mix made of 5% hay, 25% milled maize, 65% food by-products and 5% other vitamins and minerals.

The by-products are sourced from breweries, grain and sugar producers and are made up of all the leftovers that are not suitable for human consumption.

Once they're ready

it's time to move out of the farm

Once they reach 300kg, they are ready for slaughter. When you look at it, the only difference between Beefcor grain-fed beef and grass-fed beef is the last few months, the ‘finishing’ months. Our grain-fed cattle spend about 70% of their lives on a grass-based diet.