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feeling a little hormonal?

why are hormones used?

"How safe is our meat?" has been an on and off topic of discussion in the media depending on issues raised around the world.

Consumers are relatively uneducated on the positive and negative effects of hormone use in meat. Many sources have informed people of hormones without educating them on what they are for, this has lead to concern and prejudice being developed.

They're all around

hormones control all plant and animal growth

Hormones in food have long been a hot topic of debate with many believing that their presence in our diet is affecting our health negatively. Interestingly, there is very little conclusive research on the health effects of hormones as it is difficult to separate naturally occurring and added hormones. The fact is that hormones control the growth of all animals and plants, whether we add them or not. Hormones are secreted and consumed by everyone on a daily basis. Everything from soybeans to beer, to milk and eggs - various types of hormones are present in varying degrees in most of the food we eat.

what do they do?

hormones assist with production efficiency and animal well-being

While phytohormones only occur naturally in plants, they are still consumed by the cattle and will show up in small amounts and have no real effect on the animal. Anabolic steroids are one type of hormone used in animal production and can be injected or implanted under the skin. Hormones like these are used to increase production and to improve the efficiency of conversion of feed energy to lean meat - this means the cattle will gain weight a little faster while they stay strong and healthy. While many are against the use of hormones in meat, the truth is that the use of hormones helps keep beef affordable and nutritious. And though we may not understand the full effects of these added hormones yet, the levels that they are present at are minimal compared to our own natural levels.  

safety first

hormone administration is left to the professionals

The use and administration of hormones is highly regulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. At Beefcor, hormones are only used with the explicit recommendation of a specialist veterinary physician to ensure that our products are 100% healthy for our customers. Withdrawal periods are strictly adhered to before sending cattle to the slaughterhouse. There are 5 types of hormones used in animal production - three naturally occurring hormones (estradiol, progresterone and testosterone) and two synthetic hormones (zeranol and trenbalone acetate). Years of extensive research and testing have been conducted to ensure the safety for both cattle and humans and in the 40 years that implants have been used in animal production, there have been no reports of safety problems