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is our meat making us sick?

antibiotic use

One of the most common debates surrounding beef and its health effects has been surrounding the use of antibiotics in the cattle and what that means for humans.

There are a wide range of arguments available around why antibiotics should and shouldn't be used, some based on fact and some based on fiction. Let's lay these out on the table and see what antibiotics are really doing to our animals and our health.

Why are they used?

Just as we would treat illnesses with antibiotics, the same goes for our animals.

Cattle get sick just like humans do - whether they’re in a feedlot or grazing naturally on pasture. Producers work closely with veterinarians to make sure they have the right tools to protect the cattle and carefully evaluate each situation to make sure when to administer antibiotics and what specific dosages to use. They adhere to exact treatment protocols when treating the cattle. All products are used according to their approved or prescribed dosage and withdrawal times. A significant time period is allowed between when the animal has been given the medication and sent for slaughter.

Because we care

We care about the well-being of our animals and our consumers.

We as producers believe that not treating sick cattle would be the inhumane choice. Instead of letting the cattle suffer a slow and often painful ending, we take care of their illness and make sure all our animals are healthy. Rather than being damaging to humans, the antibiotics used to treat animal illnesses are important to our safety, it prevents these diseases from spreading – to other animals and to us humans. There are also many precautionary measures we take as beef producers to ensure that no antibiotic resistance occurs. Learn more here.