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the myths

the effect on humans

There are many myths surrounding the use of antibiotics in beef production, particularly how they negatively affect the human health and disease control.


As mentioned, antibiotics are used to improve the health of the cattle if they pick up any diseases on the farm or feedlot but there are various arguments that we aim to dispell below.

Myth 01

Using antibiotics in food has created drug-resistant superbugs.

People have come to believe that giving antibiotics to cattle will make them resistant to antibiotics when they eat the meat. But when administering antibiotics, producers adhere to strict usage guidelines that not only protect the cattle, but humans too. Recent studies also show that animal antibiotics pose a low risk to humans.

Myth 02

Beef producers overuse antibiotics for growth enhancement.

Some people believe that producers are overusing antibiotics and this is adversely affecting human health. The truth is - there is no reason to overuse antibiotics. It's expensive and would bring no added benefit to the production process.